Having been deeply involved in early stage capital raising over the last 20 years, we know how tough it is. For management, especially the founders, it’s a hard job that consumes enormous effort taking away time and energy from building the core of the business. It can also be a heavy burden on personal life. As with any specialized task that we undertake only once in a while, it does make a lot of sense to get that specialized professional help and stop wasting so much time and energy to find the right investment match.

We provide fundraising support and C-level project management services to technology companies based on our expertise and experience of raising multiple rounds of multi-million financing for a variety of tech companies.

Our successful fundraising projects include:

  • Raising multiple $300-500K angel seed funding rounds for a number of startups,
  • Institutional and strategic equity investments
  • Debt based financing
  • Venture Capital rounds ranging from $2-15M
  • M&A transactions

We have developed deep expertise in early stage funding and we maintain a network of investors and strategic partners in Canada and the US.

We will help you with:

  • strategy and idea consulting
  • pitch deck and executive summary writing
  • investor pitch preparation
  • help in connecting with investment sources
  • managing the process and staying on top of details
  • advising throughout every step of the process from first meeting through signing the term sheet

Let’s work together.