Project Management

Sometimes you wish you had a kind of “CEO-SideKick” available to you; someone who’s been there and done that, someone with practical experience, who’s pragmatic, trustworthy, loyal and available as and when you need him. This is where our outsourced Project Management comes in to deliver the support you need.

Special Projects – Interim Executive

  • address specific issues or opportunities facing your organization
  • bring in fresh views, ideas and energy to your management team
  • relieve temporary pressures and workload pile-ups
  • project management to achieve specific objectives

Business Development

  • developing expansion strategy, marketing plans and securing government assistance
  • building up the M&S team including a network of representatives, distributors and part-timers
  • developing strategic business partnerships based on C-level relationships
  • negotiating complex business agreements

Liquidity and M&A

  • developing a monetization strategy for your business
  • driving M&A process

Executive coaching and training

  • seminars, talks and courses addressing issues of vital interest to executives and founders such as: leadership skills, what works and what doesn’t in high-tech startups, employee-entrepreneur transition, exit strategies, etc.

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