Benefit from the expertise and experience of serial technology entrepreneurs who “have been there and done that” to shorten the path to success of your venture.

We help startups raise funding through grants, tax credits, private or venture capital. We will help you to:

Develop a strategic funding plan

  • identify optimal sources of funding
  • get expert assistance in putting together business plans and proposals
  • leverage non-dilutive government funding to accelerate R&D, growth, and your business goals

Maximize chances of success

  • take advantage of our insights and know-how in government funding programs, private and venture capital sources of financing
  • capitalize on our experience with funding agencies to smoothly navigate the process

Save time with the application process

  • use our templates, routines and writing services to cut down time by at least 50%
  • contract out the grunt work in your grant applications, financing, R&D tax credit claims leading to larger returns and lower audit risk

Outsource the mundane to focus on the core

  • use our project management with clearly defined deliverables
  • get our help in managing and driving the financing process to a successful conclusion

Let’s work together.