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Non-dilutive International R&D Grants

Fuelling innovation in technology companies requires ongoing funding, which can be expensive and equity dilutive. It may also carry risks if it is not done in close collaboration with markets and customers. International R&D collaboration grants are often an untapped and poorly understood funding mechanism which can be highly effective both in terms of raising the financing, limiting risks and helping in international market development. 

In this upcoming webinar Dr. C. Paul Slaby, Managing Director of Yariba Tech Inc, provides a succinct overview of the available international R&D funding programs and shares his tips on how to successfully get through the process of developing and clinching such opportunities.

Topics covered:
– Overview of international R&D grant programs
– Financial, market and customer development benefits
– Steps in application development
– Pros, cons, considerations, issues to be addressed
– Project management in international collaboration
– Success strategies

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